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Website development

Website development

INTECH FORCE - professional web development agency at affordable prices. We develop websites to convert your visitors into customers. Therefore, you need more than just a website creation company – you need a IT partner. Our web app development solutions will allow you to target both mobile and PC users.

We are a full-stack web development agency and we help innovative companies to bring their ideas to life.

Despite our business processes are transparent, you don't have to study them to keep track of the events. We deliver detailed reports for every task, which includes weekly reports from Design, Development, QA and Support departments. We set realistic deadlines and stick to your budget and timelines.

Also we prefer to keep our customers updated, providing the essential information on a regular basis. Long-term projects involve a lot of personal contacts. We make sure this is a pleasant experience for everyone.


Website Creation Workflow

1. Discussion of the Project
We appoint a person responsible for customer communications and discuss all goals, needs, requirements.
It's time to discuss deliverables and budgets. You will receive our expert estimations and may have a better vision of your future website.

2. Technical Expertise
At this stage, we work the project of website creation through. Our experts do all the needed technical evaluations. We separate it into individual blocks. It's time to confirm the timing and the budget.

3. Design and HTML template
We are starting website creation with standart HTML template or custom prototypes and design.
We prepare and confirm all the needed artifacts with you.

4. Website Development
We implement the website with popular solutions, so it's easy for further support and deployment. The codebase and assets are safely stored and ready for use in any format.

5. Website Deployment
We deploy the solution on any hosting platform or cloud if it is required. We may provide you our expertise in configure the environment, create a scalable setup, run monitoring, backup and other options for your website.


Our Prices

# Basic website

  • HTML markup
  • Standard template
  • Adaptive/Responsive design
  • Base SEO optimization

Timing: two weeks - month
Price: $1-5K

# Custom website

  • HTML markup
  • Standard template
  • Adaptive/Responsive design
  • Base SEO optimization
  • Custom design
  • Payment methods
  • Custom business

Timing: custom
Price: custom


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